The Drama Libre Build Team

Xerxes Sismondi

Co-Founder of DRAMA LIBRE

The Great Typist, after conferring with the Great Pizza and the Great Beer,  finally created <add Great Fanfare here> Xerxes Sismondi.   Then the Great Typist uttered the wisdom of the ages, "Heck I'm going to bed" and loosed Xerxes Sismondi on the Grid.  Freed from the Great Typist, but still beholden to the great muses, Xerxes, along with Peachy, thus built an altar so he could properly worship the Great Pizza and the Great Beer. And all was good, as long as Xerxes worshipped at the altar of muses...

Peachy Sassoon

Co-Founder of DRAMA LIBRE

Peachy began as a SL reporter, covering the raw streets and club scenes of SL. EAger to see what SL would be able to add to the entertainment value, she was disappointed by club after club appearing and disappearing following the same tired formula of skin, drama, and unimaginative contests. Determined to show SL'ers what a fun place should be, she created her version of what a fun palce should be, a place that stokes the imagination using all of SL at her disposal.... DRAMA LIBRE! And with every fun-filled party held, Peachy is proven right over and over again! 

"Dagolicious" Dagmar Klaar

Dagmar Klaar was born under the sign of thieving weasel . At the tender age of 8 months she was rescued from her disolute and vagabond Second lifestyle and put to work in the shiny new Drama Libre salt mine facility.  At first she saw her share of rolled up news papers (Peachy has a solid right swing ) but then settled down and applied her life long love of stacking blocks and coloring them. These days she can be found dreaming up another off the wall  set to drive Xer crazy, or lending a paw to Raglan Shire's insanity or observing her weekly dose of humility at  Haiku speed build.


Cathy Ryder

Came to Second Life in 2006, and was amazed at what it was and what it can do.  Been with Drama Libre as a patron or builder almost from the beginning.  Building at Drama Libre has been a remarkable experience, its a real joy.   Its so great building something new each week and watching others enjoy it and have a great time. 

Rinaldo Debevec

Rinaldo discovered Drama Libre quite by accident in May 2007,  during his first month in SL,  and has been a devoted follower ever since.  Was with the build team for a while in 2008 and has returned again in 2012.  Always ready to learn and try new things,  Rinaldo knows that Drama Libre is the perfect place to challenge your imagination,  creativity,  and building skills .... and exercise your sense of humor!!

Cara Cali

 Bored with out-of-the-box-games Cara Cali came to Second life as Facebook refugee with a strong desire to create her own imaginings. She immediately fell in love with fashion and became a ballroom Barbie, collecting more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Later she moved to dancing jigs on pirate sims then danced her way into Drama Libre much appreciating the communities’ wit, creativity, and camaraderie. Eventually she rolled up her sleeves and began building but still gets dragged off on adventures by beloved friends.


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