Do's and Dont's


1. DO say hello! We love meeting new folks, and helping out those new to SL. Got a question? just ask us!

2. DO be prepared to rock and shake those hips with the rest of us! Chances are that's what we are all doing anyway!

3. DO IM the DJ with your song requests! Our DJs are there to make sure ur enjoying yourself!

4. DO help us minimize lag by removing all particle generating items like poofers, bling, aos and radar. Face lights are also discouraged because we do use a lot of lighting effects which will be diminished by face lights.

5. DO respect the Hosts and DJs, especially in the rare event they request you to do something. Usually, that request will be in the interest of maintaining the fun level at the party, or minimizing lag, or dealing with one of the DON'TS posted below. We are not unreasonable... we are human too.

6. DON'T come naked - ALL private parts need to be covered up. If you have any sexually explicit item visibly attached to or carried by your avatar, you will be asked to remove them.

7. DON'T cause drama - Please do not harrass our guests, verbally, in IMs or physically, in terms of age, race, gender or any other form. We're here to just have fun... please check all drama at the door.

8. DON'T interfere with our DJs or Hosts, and their duties. If you have a question, pls ask and we will get to the you as soon as we are able.

9. DON'T use any weapons, active or passive - Weaspons are fine as long as they are safed or not used. This includes orbit and push weapons, particle generators, IM or chat spammers, or items that continuously rezz multiple items at once.

10. DO invite your friends to come along with you to our party.

Got questions? IM Peachy Sassoon or Xerxes Sismondi!