A memorial service was held for Peachy March 12, 2023. 

Watch a video of the memorial here .

Peachy Sassoon Remembrances

The Future of Drama Libre

Many of you are wondering about the future of Drama Libre.  Yes,   Drama Libre will continue to host parties,  beginning again on January 7, 2023.   It won’t be the same without Peachy,   but we know in our hearts that she would want us to continue without her. 

What is Drama Libre?

Drama Libre is a club like no other in Second Life.  Founded by Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon,  we host an immersive theme party every Saturday  night at 7 to 10 pm SLT.  Our venue is completely rebuilt from scratch every week,  to match a new theme.  Each party features a custom built set, created by Peachy,  Xer and a group of dedicated, imaginative and talented volunteers.  Music is presented by awesome music-lovin' DJs!

We've been doing this non-stop since October 2006,  and haven't repeated a theme yet!

DRAMA LIBRE is all about escaping from drama in Real and Second Life.  We are an oasis of creativity, friendship, and fun for everyone.   Our sets take several days to build, and usually comprise over 1000 prims, so it's no small task.  We have built over 800 unique themed sets !

Because of our schedule, we only have one party every week -- Sat 7pm to 10pm SL time .

Our parties are always open to everyone who wants a break from drama! We always get a great openly-friendly, fun-loving, and really creative crowd. Don't believe us? Come to one of our parties and find out first-hand!

Looking for builders or someone to help you host an event or party? Contact Xerxes Sismondi or Peachy Sassoon. Got any questions about DRAMA LIBRE, building or SL? Just ask! No question too dumb or too small for us to handle!

Our name describes our philosphy:  To enjoy Second Life without drama... thats for RL... or other places in SL!

Good music, good people, no drama. That's us, DRAMA LIBRE! Come and enjoy a drama-free moment with us!

 Our Location

You can find us on the Drama Libre sim.  Use the SLURL link below. When you arrive at the Station at Teleport Island, please make your way into the fishing hut, then click on the golden teleport arrow to transport up to the party. 


DRAMA LIBRE! Leading the revolution vs drama SIXTEEN YEARS running!