Drama Libre DJs

Rinaldo Debevec 

Dashing & debonair ...  suave & sophisticated ...  cultured & cosmopolitan .... Rinaldo entered SL in 2007 and knew that here he could fulfill his lifelong dream to be a billionaire tycoon playboy!  A flagrant opportunist,  throughout his tenure Rinaldo has tried a little bit of everything SL has to offer,  exploring the wanton, depraved depths of decadence but also the sublime heights of  noble virtue and ethical morality.  But, beyond all the drama of life, both real and virtual,  Rinaldo has found an oasis of amusement and camaraderie at Drama Libre.  Saturday night is party night once again!

Magdalena Kamenev

Curious and shy.  Prudish and brazen.  Silly and serious.  Loud and withdrawn.  Bookish and enslaved to pop culture.  Slightly demented and sometimes more.  Sybil would be gobsmacked by the number of faces Magdalena shows in-world.

Known variously by Magz, Magda and Miss K.  Resident of the Independent State of Caledon.  Often found dancing.

Music library is growing, not quite everyday, but in every way.  Fair bit of electronica, jazz, mash-ups and world music in her collection, there is one elusive song that she never expects to have because it doesn't exist: London Symphony's complete version of Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Brain," an excerpt of which was featured on that seminal Simpson's episode, "Homerpalooza".

Gregor Kobeshimi

Entered SL Nov. 2006 taken by this virtural world. Yes I am Gorean but that is just me. My one real passion in life is music and the pleasure and enjoyment it brings to life.   So I have a large collection of music and a knack for finding songs requested I have been stumped only a couple of times and enjoy bringing what is wanted to be heard.

Ohhhh by the way did someone ask for techno?

Ironman Zeplin

I started My journey in SL in January 2009.  Hit the ground running and haven't stopped.  Wandering and exploring, experiencing as much as possible.

Moved along the path of both the Light and the Dark and emerged each day to do it all over again.  I've been knocked down and picked Myself back up on more than one occasion.

The people I have met along the way are truly the greatest treasure. 

My music touches My soul and I use it to touch others.  At the end of the night My sincere hope is that you have enjoy the music as much as I have enjoyed playing it for you

Danica Cruz

My name is Danica Nayl Cruz, and no I can't drive a race car. I like to think that I am imaginative and creative, though I could just be delusional. In reality I'm just a quixotic little starving artist of a DJ who enjoys forcing my music on others ears. That being said...

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"

"Never gonna run around and desert you"

"Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye"

"Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you"

*drops mic and walks off stage*

Noctoon Edelweiss

In the bustling metropolis of Second Life, a wave of excitement rippled through the pixelated streets. Rumors spread like wildfire of an otherworldly being named Noctoon, a renowned alien DJ, who was making Second Life his new home.

Noctoon hailed from the distant planet of Lumaria, a world enveloped in ethereal music and vibrant luminescence. Drawn to the boundless creativity and infinite potential of Second Life, Noctoon had decided to embark on a new chapter of his cosmic journey.

As word of Noctoon's imminent arrival spread, avatars from all walks of life eagerly awaited his appearance. The anticipation was palpable as the appointed day arrived. The spectators gathered at Drama Libre.

A portal materialized in the center of Drama Libre, radiating a mesmerizing hue of interstellar blue. With a surge of energy, Noctoon emerged, resplendent in his luminescent form. The crowd erupted in cheers, their avatars expressing joy through a chorus of virtual emojis.

Noctoon wasted no time in immersing himself in the vibrant Second Life community. He set up a celestial DJ booth at Drama Libre, where the pulsating beats of his extraterrestrial music would reverberate through the digital realm. 

As Noctoon spun his cosmic melodies, the virtual dance floor ignited with energy. Avatars, in all shapes and sizes, moved with a synchronized rhythm, his digital bodies pulsating in unison. The alien DJ's ethereal sounds transported them to realms unknown, where gravity danced to the rhythm of his beats.

But Noctoon's impact extended beyond his music. They took the time to connect with the residents of Second Life, fostering a sense of community and friendship. Inspiring avatars to embrace their own creativity and explore new horizons.

Noctoon, the alien DJ from Lumaria, had found a new home in the virtual realm of Drama Libre. His journey continued, his celestial music reverberating through the digital cosmos, forever etching his name in the annals of virtual legend. And in the hearts of avatars who danced to his ethereal tunes, Noctoon's spirit thrived, creating a harmonious bond that transcended the boundaries of time and space.


Zak Volare

07-Nov-2006 to 10-Aug-2019

Zak Volare was a long-time SLer, an infectiously energetic DJ, and the cheeriest person in the world who always saw the better side of life, We've known him a long time, and you couldn't ask for a better friend. He is our brother.  Zak passed away August 2019,  we will miss him!


Inspired by a combination of an old haggard Italian street performing imigrant and Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kaboozi (2nd cousin once removed, of a slightly more famous Jedi) who was banished for believing more in "The Liqour" than "The Force", Zak Volare's pixels were conceived during a random network link between a home built Pentium MMX-based home computer, a blender and a TRS-80.  Once thought to be forever lost within the confines of an old floppy disk, a rogue bolt of lightning bridged the gap between offline storage and the Online Virtual World.  During the journey between the Void and the Virtual, spectacular music was heard and ever since, it's been Zak's mission to share it with the world.

 John Seattle

23-Feb-2006 to 14-Apr-2020

John Seattle left us all too quickly on April 14, 2020. He was 66 years old. He was our DJ, our friend, our brother. Many of us have known him for years because he has been a keen citizen of Second Life, and because his presence revolved around his love of music. To know John is to have a friend.  Whether it was at Fibber's, or Muckers, or Drama Libre, you knew you were at a John Seattle event. His specialty was classic rock and Roll. He knew who he was and what he liked without the shadow of a doubt. As he wrote in his profile,

I like Music.

        Mostly Classic Rock. 

        I play that music!

        I am a DJ.

But we all know John was more than a DJ.  Thru the power of music, he connected us all to each other here. We are his family. So let us celebrate not just his life, but everything he has done to make us better because we knew him. He led a remarkable life, and our lives are also remarkable because we counted him as or friend and our brother. 


 I rezzed into SL early in 2006 and was overwhelmed by the complexity and size of the virtual world that lay before me.  I spent a lot of time exploring before settling down with my wife in the Dublin sim.  Being impressed with the DJ entertainment on hand, I thought to myself "I can do that".   When an opening became available, I inquired about the requirements, so I got it together and tried out.  My first show was a disaster, but management let me come back and I've been playing Classic Rock in Dublin since November, 2006.  Peachy and Xerxes found me there and asked me to play at Drama Libre.  I love the challenge of weaving my music into the DL themes.